Phoenix Agri Ru  LLC was established in 2012, registered under Russian Federation Laws,  Across the years we’ve grown to multiple commodities and spread geographically.
Our growth in the last decade has been noteworthy, Starting from  200 mt, we have reached 150,000 mt in last season ( 2015-16)  which represents our successive and progressive growth.

We’ve achieved this progress because of our dedication in managing risk at every stage of the trade that we are involved in. 

Phoenix Agri Ru LLC connects commodities sourced at farm gate to local economies; local economies to the broader marketplace; and emerging markets to each other and the world.

The Group’s supply chain penetrates deep into remote agricultural regions where we procure commodities from Smallholder farmers/ Commercial farmers. The commodities are then accumulated at warehouses and/or transported to processing facilities, prior to reaching our customers.

Annually, Phoenix Agri Ru LLC moves an approximate 150,000mt of agricultural commodities around the world. Our vast portfolio of commodities includes: Yellow Peas, chickpeas, Coriander, Yellow Millet, Yellow Mustard, Safflower, Sunflower, Camelina , Soya, Rice,  various types of oilseeds, corn etc..