Core values ​​of the company


Our transparency, agreed principles and standards of work inspire everyone who interacts with our company


Respect for commonality and differences is the basic fundamental principle of our business. We believe that in order to win respect as a company, we must first provide it to others - including our employees, customers, service providers, bankers, investors, governments and aid agencies.


We are constantly improving, creating a truly sustainable business in an increasingly competitive regional and international market.


We work in developing countries, where daily life is often a struggle. Small farmers from these regions play a decisive role in achieving the ultimate success of our company, and, honestly cooperating, we create the basis for mutually beneficial long-term growth.

Talent Management

Talent management has become a vital function of the company and goes beyond simply selecting suitable candidates and correctly positioning them in our organization. Our comprehensive talent management process is aimed at studying the hidden qualities of our employees and implementing training and development plans so that they can achieve their goals. Developmental learning includes, but is not limited to, own leadership programs and mentoring by dedicated leaders, including alignment with our corporate culture and values. Thus, our employees are better prepared for solving problems associated with high competition and rapidly changing business environment.

As a member of one of the largest and most respected agricultural traders in the world with significant global influence, we are extremely focused on human capabilities and are working to create:

Global Talent Pool - through internal talent management and succession planning framework
Campus Connect - to acquire young and potential talents from campuses
Fast Track - providing an opportunity for accelerated career growth for potential employees.
These are integral components of the company's talent management system.


We strive to provide a powerful platform that allows and develops dedicated professionals who believe in our core values, vision and mission.

We provide incentives, an equal platform for career growth and a balanced work environment for all our employees. Employees integrate into dynamic teams, focusing on achieving common goals, giving the company a competitive advantage in its activities to become a leader in the global agricultural market.


1. Economist.

2. Logistics Manager

3. Logist.

You can send your CV to: An employee of the recruitment department will contact you in case of a suitable vacancy.