The government on Wednesday during interventions on the National Mercantile Exchange (NTB) has bought 83.43 thousand tons of grain totaling 850.588 million rubles, follows from the exchange of materials.

In particular, it purchased 38.61 tons of wheat of 3rd class at 410.036 million rubles, 36,45 thousand tons of wheat Class 4 to 367.673 million rubles and 8.37 thousand tons of wheat Class 5 to 72.88 million rubles. Thus, during the interventions was bought whole grain volume put up for auction on Wednesday.

According to the results of auctions this week, the weighted average price of wheat 3rd class from 19 to 21 September amounted to 10.56 thousand rubles per ton, wheat Class 4 - 10.068 thousand rubles, 5th grade - 8.707 thousand rubles.